If you have any adults over the age of 18 (Housing Benefit) and 21 (Universal Credit) there may be a deduction from your entitlement to these benefits.

This will affect how much help you get to pay your rent.

Depending on the income the non-dependant receives, for Housing Benefit the deduction can range from £18.10 to £116.75 per week.

For Universal Credit the deduction is fixed at £85.73 per month.

There are a number of people who are exempt from these deductions, depending on circumstances and benefits received.

There are differences between both Universal credit and Housing Benefit as to who is exempt. 

These deductions also apply to Council Tax reduction.

If you need help with this and are currently a tenant of one of our partner landlords, then please contact your landlord via the details below. 

If you are not currently a tenant with us, you should contact Citizens Advice or your local council’s Housing Benefit Team.